Delivery terms.

Last updated on May 23, 2015.

1. General information.

1.1. The information below states the existing delivery terms (purchase and sales) for goods purchased by Customers from the official website:
1.2. The whole range of goods is produced by «Gama Group» company under “Alaska” trademark.
1.3. Information on the Seller:
Gama Group LLC, Chapaev str. 2, Ovidiopol District, Odessa Region, 67801. Telephone: +38 048 7950021.
1.4. These terms is the concurrent part of the Buyer-Seller Relationship.

2. Payment, delivery, return of goods..

2.1. The payment assumes the following delivery of goods to the Buyer by the Seller according to the invoice provided.
2.2. The price is regulated by the Seller and is available on the website.
2.3. The delivery is provided by the Seller only after the Buyer has made the payment.
2.4. The supply term is 2-4 days form the date of payment.
2.5. In case the Buyer returns the items (despite the reasons for return), all transportation costs are covered by the Buyer.

3. Quality of goods and quality assurance.

3.1. The manufacturer ensures the quality of goods by the Conformity Certificate.
3.2. Any claims from the Buyer’s side according quality and supply, as well as in case of return, should be addressed to the Seller in a written form within 14 (Fourteen) calendar days form the date of delivery.
3.3. The term stated above is the warranty period provided to the Buyer.
3.4. The warranty covers all the goods available on this website.